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saki101 [userpic]
Q Fanfiction: In This Fragile Cage of Bone (Parts II, III & IV)
by saki101 (saki101)
at August 4th, 2013 (09:21 pm)

Author: Saki101
Fandom: Skyfall and other Ben Wishaw films and plays
Pairing: Q/James
Genre: AU (not exactly university!AU, sort of graduate fellowship!AU)
Rating: R-ish
Word Count: Part II (~2600), Part III (~4900) and Part IV (~5000)
Disclaimer: The usual, because neither Skyfall nor any of the characters played by Ben Whishaw in film or on stage are mine and no money is being made.
A/N: If Bond wrote screenplays for action movies and Q were a young academic and Bond decided to write a Richard II fix-it fic with a bit of The Tempest and Hamlet on the side...

Part II on AO3
Part III on AO3
Part IV on AO3

or on LJ